Top Funding Options for Starting a Business

Top Funding Options for Starting a Business

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Everyone knows that starting a business, especially for the first time, is easier said than done. It takes serious and lengthy planning to pull off and to eliminate as many risks and whammies as possible. No matter how seemingly effective your business plan turns out, however, it wouldn’t materialize unless you have adequate funds to support it.

Thanks to the constantly evolving financial market, there’s a vast array of funding solutions, such as commercial property loan, that’s available for both start-ups and existing businesses, each of which has a share of perks that may suit your situation. Here are some examples that you can look at.


Banks are a go-to resource for business funding solutions. They support small and medium-sized businesses, although they are a little bit more intolerant with businesses that are younger than 12 months. Ironically, these young businesses are the ones that usually need funding. Banks are usually on the lookout for companies that have a sound track record and credit rating. If you don’t have both, which is very likely if you are putting up a business for the first time, you have a small chance at getting approved for commercial loan from a bank.

Loved Ones

It’s not unusual to find businesses that were funded with the help of relatives or friends. This is a much easier choice of capital source since it is bound by a network that you’ve established for a long time. You can present that as a form of security or collateral, which the other party may immediately accept. There are several risks to borrowing from a loved one, though, such as the difficulty of finding a relative or friend who has the financial capability to support your needs. Also, it is possible that they will want to have equity in your business in return.

Venture Capital

There are a lot of multinational companies that offer venture capitals to smaller businesses with high growth potential, particularly those in the information technology, communications and biotechnology industries. Simply put, before you look at this option, you have to make sure that your business is worth investing in. If not, then this isn’t the ideal path for you.

Non-Conforming Loan

If you think you don’t meet the standards and requirements of banks and most other financial institutions, you can look at alternative funding solutions, such as non-conforming loans offered by unconventional providers or one that can connect you to the most reliable providers, such as IBN Direct. Non-conforming loans do not conform to the standard criteria so you can have a better chance at taking out financing.

Before planning to start a business, make it your priority to find a suitable funding solution first. If you can’t find one that you can easily secure or repay through your future profit, seek the help of IBN Direct. They can help you start smoothly and lift off by finding the most reliable non conforming lenders.