How To Finance A Business Idea Debt Free

How To Finance A Business Idea Debt Free

Debt Free

Here are a few different ways of raising capital to commence business without getting into debt.

Personal savings

You can finance your business without availing debt by utilizing the savings you have. An alternative for the utilization of personal savings is selling an asset to get the required cash you need.  For example, you can opt to sell a boat, electronic equipment or house to fund your business idea.


This technique involves getting a business to finance itself by putting back the cash it generates for further growth and development of the business. If your company has numerous sales flowing in, you can opt to bootstrap to develop the market as opposed to choosing for debt.


Contributions from family and friends

People you are close to can help you by providing the necessary funds or capital you require to fund your business idea.  Their financing can either be debt based or equity-based. When starting in the business, it is better to avoid liability as you lack sufficient cash flowing in which is required to repay the debt with relative ease. Do remember to give a percentage of your business as equity for exchange if cash.

Financing from angel investors

Plenty of funding for early-stage business is available from angel investors. Angel investors are nothing but affluent people who are willing to finance company as a form of investing money. This kind of funding approach is ideal for new business ideas and ventures.

Raise fund from venture capitalists

Venture capitalists seek to provide funding for early-stage business. They do however look for opportunities to invest large amounts of money. And in exchange for this, they demand a significant portion of the company to control the company’s interests.


Fundraising through crowdfunding

There is no doubt; crowdfunding is a big deal when it comes to raising business capital. This funding approach utilizes technology to enable people who have business ideas to reach many investors via various platforms. Crowdfunding allows you to grow both equity and debt capital. There are numerous platforms for crowdfunding available online, so before you commence your campaign be sure to do your research well to apprehend which platform is best suited for you.