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Alappuzha BDS is an investment and management firm that has been in the history for more than a decade. With some big names in our client list, we have managed to gain the trust of a lot of companies.

Managing Finance

  • Lending The Money
  • Repay On Time
  • Trust On Assets
  • Investing A Part
  • Debt Finance - External Lenders
  • Equity Finance - Partial Investments
Property Finance80%
Business Finance92%
Private Finance87%
Public Finance78%
Statement Analysis
Statement analysis is the process of analyzing the financial statement looking out for wrong entries, miscalculations, and errors.
Cash On Property
Get the best amount for your property at Alappuzha BDS
Funds Collection
Get your funds collected from the borrowers with a very small percent of service charge.
Financial Planning
Alappuzha BDS is one of the best when it comes to providing financial planning services.

Statement Of Changes In Financial Position

  • Comparative statement analysis
  • Balance-sheet analysis
  • Ratio of cash
  • Long & Short-term financial

Balanced Working Capital Position / Capital Management

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Financial Supports To Structure Capital Of Cost

Creditorship Secure Finance

Fixed Capital Education

Alappuzha BDS is definitely one of the best in the industry. They provide amazing services that are satisfying in many aspects.

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Six Quick Tips To Help You Get Out Of A Financial Crisis

The situation of the financial crisis can be the outcome of various factors such as joblessness, bankruptcy, etc. whatever may be the cause the consequences are devastating. Here are a few rapid tips to help you get out any such situation.

Do not procrastinate

It is crucial not to waste any time when facing a financial crisis. Many follow the misconception of focusing on other things rather than the task at hand to avoid excessive stress of the disintegrating financial condition. In reality, this can only worsen the problem. Therefore it is imperative to focus on the issue at hand to effectively tackle it. No financial crisis can be solved overnight, so accordingly plan and budget expenses.

Stop using credit cards

budget expenses

When keeping track of your finances, the initial activity needed to be done is control the expenditure of credit cards. It is a useful trick to cut off all tools which encourage excessive spending. Although it is not a permanent solution, it will enable you to think about better options for getting out of any financial instability.

Get a quick loan

When suffering from a financial crisis, meeting daily expenses can be very difficult. When this occurs, avail quick loans as a temporary measure or as a debt consolidation loan from someone like Luxfin, as it will help you pay off outstanding debts while ensuring you have enough money for daily expenditure. Bear in mind to repay the loan in equal installments monthly, if not it can be another headache to bear.

Pay as much as you can afford each month

The moment you are liable for a quick loan, do pay off your debts first as unmanaged finances and liabilities are the number one cause for financial difficulties. Timely payments of such debts will help you get out of a financial crisis faster.

Plan strategically

Depending on the kind of financial crisis you are suffering from, it is critical to treat carefully and accordingly devise a plan to overcome the problem. Whether your instability is due to excessive debts or any medical emergency, tend to formulate a strategic plan to tackle it accordingly. For this, you must evaluate your situation and seek solutions to solve it.

Take adequate action

Once you have formulated a good plan, take the necessary steps to implement it. For example, if your instability is due to personal debts, consider selling off some old items for which you no longer require and then use the money to pay off your debts. Regardless of your financial condition, it is essential to take immediate action to deal with the problem.

How To Downsize Your Business

Often when things do not go as accordingly to plan, people begin thinking about downsizing their business. It is because it is a very cost effective way of saving money in the short term and solving any financial issues that may have arisen. Downsizing your business is a fundamental decision that needs to be made when a company is struggling for one reason or another. Given below are some beneficial tips on how you can effectively downsize your business.

Consider it carefully


Before you confirm on your decision to downsize your business and finances, it is essential that you have thought through the whole process carefully. You are required to understand the fact that you are not going to earn much profit as before and understand the reason why you are going through it.  Remember this will involve devising a sufficient reason for getting rid of any staff members no longer required.

Office space

One of the simplest ways to downsize your business is by reconsidering the amount of space that you maintain. When your business is getting smaller, then it means you won’t require all of the current facilities you possess. A simple solution to this is to invest in a steel building that shelters your equipment as well some of your staff. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes are a relatively great alternative for paying high rent for city office space.

The future

If you are planning to downsize your business for a short term, then you are required to think through your plans accordingly. This gives you something to work towards if you are hoping to develop your business for the future, then you will be able to achieve it more effectively and efficiently when you factor this into your downsizing process.

Plan your marketing


If you are well-renowned business, you might want to think about as what you are going to tell your clients or customers about your plan and intention to downsize. Most of the times, downsizing is done to improve the business. So you need to make sure that you let your customers know that you are still operating the business and the necessary services can yet be availed.  Make sure you communicate this proposed intention of downsizing positively. Do consider offering some new deals since you are downsizing. The public image of the business is very crucial, so if you do not consider it properly and accordingly, you might sustain even more issues than you initially thought.

How To Finance A Business Idea Debt Free

Here are a few different ways of raising capital to commence business without getting into debt.

Personal savings

You can finance your business without availing debt by utilizing the savings you have. An alternative for the utilization of personal savings is selling an asset to get the required cash you need.  For example, you can opt to sell a boat, electronic equipment or house to fund your business idea.


This technique involves getting a business to finance itself by putting back the cash it generates for further growth and development of the business. If your company has numerous sales flowing in, you can opt to bootstrap to develop the market as opposed to choosing for debt.


Contributions from family and friends

People you are close to can help you by providing the necessary funds or capital you require to fund your business idea.  Their financing can either be debt based or equity-based. When starting in the business, it is better to avoid liability as you lack sufficient cash flowing in which is required to repay the debt with relative ease. Do remember to give a percentage of your business as equity for exchange if cash.

Financing from angel investors

Plenty of funding for early-stage business is available from angel investors. Angel investors are nothing but affluent people who are willing to finance company as a form of investing money. This kind of funding approach is ideal for new business ideas and ventures.

Raise fund from venture capitalists

Venture capitalists seek to provide funding for early-stage business. They do however look for opportunities to invest large amounts of money. And in exchange for this, they demand a significant portion of the company to control the company’s interests.


Fundraising through crowdfunding

There is no doubt; crowdfunding is a big deal when it comes to raising business capital. This funding approach utilizes technology to enable people who have business ideas to reach many investors via various platforms. Crowdfunding allows you to grow both equity and debt capital. There are numerous platforms for crowdfunding available online, so before you commence your campaign be sure to do your research well to apprehend which platform is best suited for you.

Top Funding Options for Starting a Business

Everyone knows that starting a business, especially for the first time, is easier said than done. It takes serious and lengthy planning to pull off and to eliminate as many risks and whammies as possible. No matter how seemingly effective your business plan turns out, however, it wouldn’t materialize unless you have adequate funds to support it.

Thanks to the constantly evolving financial market, there’s a vast array of funding solutions, such as commercial property loan, that’s available for both start-ups and existing businesses, each of which has a share of perks that may suit your situation. Here are some examples that you can look at.


Banks are a go-to resource for business funding solutions. They support small and medium-sized businesses, although they are a little bit more intolerant with businesses that are younger than 12 months. Ironically, these young businesses are the ones that usually need funding. Banks are usually on the lookout for companies that have a sound track record and credit rating. If you don’t have both, which is very likely if you are putting up a business for the first time, you have a small chance at getting approved for commercial loan from a bank.

Loved Ones

It’s not unusual to find businesses that were funded with the help of relatives or friends. This is a much easier choice of capital source since it is bound by a network that you’ve established for a long time. You can present that as a form of security or collateral, which the other party may immediately accept. There are several risks to borrowing from a loved one, though, such as the difficulty of finding a relative or friend who has the financial capability to support your needs. Also, it is possible that they will want to have equity in your business in return.

Venture Capital

There are a lot of multinational companies that offer venture capitals to smaller businesses with high growth potential, particularly those in the information technology, communications and biotechnology industries. Simply put, before you look at this option, you have to make sure that your business is worth investing in. If not, then this isn’t the ideal path for you.

Non-Conforming Loan

If you think you don’t meet the standards and requirements of banks and most other financial institutions, you can look at alternative funding solutions, such as non-conforming loans offered by unconventional providers or one that can connect you to the most reliable providers, such as IBN Direct. Non-conforming loans do not conform to the standard criteria so you can have a better chance at taking out financing.

Before planning to start a business, make it your priority to find a suitable funding solution first. If you can’t find one that you can easily secure or repay through your future profit, seek the help of IBN Direct. They can help you start smoothly and lift off by finding the most reliable non conforming lenders.

The Five Best Business Credit Cards

The best business credit cards do not just offer reasonable and decent rewards but enable you to float expenses when you lack sufficient cash in hand.

BMO Cashback Business MasterCard

The BMO Cashback Business MasterCard is worth taking a look at. Why? Since it has a ton of beneficial perks:

  • No whatsoever annual fees
  • 75 percentage cashback on all other purchases
  • 75 percentage on all Shell gas stations
  • Six percentage cash back on gas, cell phone, office supplies and internet bills for the first four months
  • 5 percentage cash back on eligible gas station purchases, recurring cell phone, and internet payments and office supplies purchases

BMO Rewards Business MasterCard

If your business has tons of expenses, the BMO Rewards Business MasterCard is bound to help you with that. Here is what you get from the card:

  • You can redeem points for free travel or merchandise
  • You are eligible to earn 35,000 points after you spend $5000 in the first three months
  • You make 1.5 points per dollar spent anywhere else
  • you can earn 3 points per dollar spent on office supplies, gas, cell phone, and internet bills

BMO AIR MILES Business MasterCard

The BMO AIR MILES Business MasterCard is for you if you seek a range of travel protections when traveling for business. The card offers:

  • collision damage or accident waiver for rental cars
  • Eligible for different types of insurances such as personal effects, trip interruption, and baggage delay, etc.
  • $120 annual fee is waived in the first year
  • You can redeem your miles for free travel or merchandise
  • Can get up to 3000 AIR MILES bonus miles
  • Eligible to earn one reward mile per $10 spent


BMO AIR MILES No-Fee Business MasterCard

The BMO AIR MILES No-Fee Business MasterCard does not maintain any annual fee. Here is what else you should know:

  • You can redeem the miles you earn for free travel or merchandise
  • 1 AIR MILES reward mile per $20 you spend
  • Your earn 500 BONUS AIR MILES after your first purchase
  • 25x the miles per $20 spent at eligible Shell stations

Business Platinum Card from American Express


The Business Platinum Card from American Express maintains an annual fee of $499 and rewards elite perks and comes with the following:

  • Eligible for VIP services and amenities through premium hotel programs
  • Access to preferential treatment, specialty services, and a dedicated concierge team
  • Complimentary access to 600 airport lounges across the world
  • Earn 40,000 points after charging $5000 during the first three months
  • 1,25x membership rewards points per dollar
  • Up to over 55 days before you are required to make a payment